How it all started

Art Placebo is a London-based organisation that focuses on unleashing creativity and nurturing wellbeing through art-making and collaboration.


We have extensive experience of delivering art projects and creative workshops to intergenerational participants across educational, community and gallery-based contexts. 

​Our journey of exploration, development and discovery helps unlock creativity through dynamic and exciting hands-on activities. 

We are always open to collaboration and dialogue with other artists, individuals and creative organisations.


Meet the team

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    Co-founder & Facilitator

    She is an artist-teacher that focuses on art as a tool for social-emotional literacy and the potential for collaborative art practices to enable positive social change. While exhibiting her work internationally, she is exploring ways in which photography can reveal the social construction of emotions.

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    Co-founder & Facilitator

    She is a mixed media artist-teacher, interested in the entanglement of memory and materials and how memories hold strong emotional bonds. She is constantly investigating how this concept, through the use of different types of archives, from physical to imaginary ones, can be used to create socially interactive art.


Our journey

 Contact us: info@artplacebo.co.uk


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