Our workshops


CO-LAB is an open-to-all series of creative gatherings that welcome visionary minds to learn through testing techniques, experimenting with materials and developing art projects in a chilled and supportive environment. 


The mission of these sessions is to provide participants with a safe space and supportive community to create freely and to exchange ideas and skills.


We provide a variety of materials to choose from and technical support during the workshop. 


Find your own voice by playing with materials and testing new techniques. We welcome 'mistakes' : make, break, bend, destroy, cut, remake.. 


Meet other creatives and artists from your local area and beyond to collaborate with in a variety of projects. 


Share ideas/ skills/ experiences with others to enrich your own practice. We are all learners and teachers. 


Develop a project/ artwork in our weekly sessions towards a collaboratively curated exhibition.

 Contact us: info@artplacebo.co.uk


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